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Inter-Campus Exchange Programme

Students from the University of Nottingham campuses in China and the United Kingdom have the opportunity to study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia, for one semester or for one academic year via the Inter-Campus Exchange Programme.

Tuition Fees

Inter-campus exchange students do not pay any tuition fee to the University of Nottingham Malaysia, but continues to pay the tuition fee to their home campus.

How to apply

You should contact the International Office at your home campus for information on:

  • How to apply
  • Selection criteria
  • Application deadline

Submit your application to your home campus. Your home campus will send the complete documents to the University of Nottingham Malaysia on your behalf.

Application deadline

Nomination from home University :

  • 1 April for Autumn or Full Year 
  • 1 September for Spring

The application deadline is:

  • 1 May for Autumn or Full Year 
  • 1 October for Spring 

Module preferences

Choose your UNM modules. For more information please refer to our course listing.

Students should ensure that:
  • the selected modules are of a suitable level. If there is a particular module that you are required to take in order for you to graduate from your home university, please indicate this with an asterisk (*). If this module has pre-requisites, students should provide evidence that they have met these pre-requisites.
  • be aware that the normal credit load for one semester is 60 credits and for one year is 120 credits. All students must adhere to 60 credits per semester.
  • select additional 2 or 3 modules, if in case your first choice is unavailable. Discuss your suitable modules with your mobility tutor from your home university and be flexible in your selection.
  • Majority of the modules should be taken related to your programme and according to your year of study (exp; Year 2 student should opt for Year 2 modules)
  • For language modules please specify the language level (e.g. Spanish 2a). Number of seats are limited.

Visas and immigration

All International mobility students who have applied for the Exchange programme in Malaysia will be required to obtain a Student Mobility Pass (Visa).

For more detailed information please visit our offer holders section

Visa Application deadline :

  • 1 May for Autumn or Full Year 
  • 1 October for Spring

Health and insurance

In compliance with the Malaysian Ministry of Education, it is compulsory for all international students to have a medical insurance coverage throughout their period of study in Malaysia.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia has arranged for a Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance Programme to deal with any health emergencies that might arise during your period of study.

Cost of living

The estimated monthly expenses for an International Student living in Malaysia is from RM2,500 to 3,500. This includes:

  • accommodation
  • meals
  • utilities
  • local transportation
  • entertainment

Cost may vary depending on individual lifestyle. For more information about costs including banking in Malaysia please visit our finance section.



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