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The Korean language has its own writing system called Hangul, and it was created in 1443 by King Sejong for the purpose of providing an easy script that ordinary people would be able to learn easily. You can learn Korea through the Korean language in which Korean culture, identity, and values are depicted and imprinted.

Learning Korean at UNM will help you not only to master the Korean language in all four skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also to understand the current Korean popular culture (Hallyu: Korean Wave) which is widely spreading across the globe.

You will explore the portrayal of the Korean language as well as a variety of popular Korean culture topics throughout Korean drama, variety shows, movies and K-pop in class, and this will make your language learning more fascinating! Moreover, the exchange programme between UNM and some partner universities can allow you to study in Korea during your course.

People with Korean language qualifications are also in great demand in Malaysia and other countries in diverse areas of business, technology, information, tourism and other global Korean companies. There are also a lot of work opportunities in media, entertainment, film and journalism stemmed from the great increase in popularity of Korean Wave. At all levels of learning Korean at UNM, you will be strongly encouraged to take a national Korean language proficiency test, which is called TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), taking place in over 70 countries worldwide including Malaysia. Along with your degree, it can also give you a competitive edge in the job market in any areas with an international focus. 


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