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Japanese courses have been offered at UNM since 2005, and over 600 students have studied Japanese, and some graduated students are continuing to study their own specific areas in Japan. The Japanese tutors’ approach is to combine the four skills in each class to establish language skills as well as to input cultural content to explore real-Japanese exploiting multimedia resources such as the Language Labs and Moodle which are used to expand our teaching methodologies and encourage the students to acquire not only communication skills but also academic learning technics capable of enhancing their career options in their professional lives after graduation.

Japan have assimilated a lot of culture from China and have also been influenced by other countries and created their own culture. To find similarities and differences with Japanese culture through learning the Japanese language may lead you to develop a more global perspective. 

While considering the various dimensions of Japanese society in Asia and the world, studying Japanese at UNM also offers the chance to develop skills and competencies in a broad range of social and cultural areas of interest that include for example Japanese custom, cinema and popular culture. Therefore, we offer outside of class activities to build up the Japanese language learners’ community to encourage students who are willing to get extra knowledge and further experiences. 

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