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The focus of this research group is the examination of contemporary issues in occupational health and well-being with a particular emphasis on cross-cultural research. Our aim is to unpack the relationship between work, well-being and performance by examining specific psychosocial issues that have the potential for causing psychological or physical harm. 

This includes:

  • the impact of the psychosocial environment on well-being such as work attitudes and performance and individual and organisational health.
  • the etiology and management of workplace aggression and violence, examining issues such as the consequences for individuals and organisations and what can be done to manage workplace violence.
  • the wider social, cultural and organisational factors in the environment which impact occupational health, performance and productivity at work. 
The group was recently awarded funding under the Exploratory Research Grant Scheme by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, to conduct a mapping exercise on the availability and uptake of health screening and occupational health services for migrant works and their employers. This project is hoped to be beneficial to both employers and employees whilst enabling the government and other agencies to develop more effective methods for securing the health and wellbeing of migrant workers.


  • stress and burnout in the human services professions and predictors of workplace engagement
  • workplace violence through risk assessment, training and post-incident support and organisational interventions
  • organisational and national cultures, entrepreneurship, safety cultures, social capital and corporate social responsibility


  • Jamaican Constabulary Force
  • Department of Psychology, HELP University College, Malaysia
  • University of Nebraska Medical Centre, USA
  • Department of Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
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