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Selected publications

Dunn, J. 2006. Caribbean Youth and Neoliberal Globalisation: The Case of Jamaica. Reformed World, Volume 56 (1):55-62.

Ramos, V.F.M., & Ramos, H. M. (2007). Antihypertensive Medication Taking Behavior Among Filipino Rural Workers. Murmurs. Manila: Foundation For The Lay Education of Heart Diseases.

Santos, A., Hayward, T. and Ramos, H. M.  Organizational Culture, Work and Personal Goals as Predictors of Employee Well-being. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communication and Conflict (In press).

Santos, A.  (2010). Coping, Support and the Impact of Work-related Violence. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 9783838396118

Santos, A., Leather, P., Dunn, J. and Zarola, A. (2009). Gender Differences in Exposure to Co-worker-initiated and Public-initiated violence: Assessing the impact of work-related violence and aggression in police work. Work and Stress, Volume 23 (2): 137-154.

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