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Preserving our environment for a more sustainable world

The world is changing. In the face of population growth, climate change and diminishing natural resources we must deepen our understanding of changing environments and pioneer new ways to save our precious planet.

Vital, effective recycling techniques

Industries such as gas, steel and palm oil discharge huge volumes of waste water every second, heavily polluting our environment, affecting wildlife and human health. Our research in waste-water recycling covers a broad spectrum. From creating graphical methods to identify the maximum recoverable water rates, to building pilot integrated zero-waste management systems for palm oil mills; our transformative research will protect our environment for a more sustainable future.

The Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (MEME)

Malaysia is home to approximately 1,500 elephants which cause economic losses to farmers through crop damage. MEME, a research collaboration between the University and the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Peninsular Malaysia, is studying the impact of current management practices as well as the movement patterns and food habits of elephants in tropical rainforests.

Researchers combine traditional ecological techniques with state-of-the-art tropical ecology research tools — such as GPS-satellite tracking devices, camera traps, molecular techniques and conservation drones. The project is already producing valuable conservation-relevant results and developing cost-effective strategies to mitigate human-elephant conflict and improve our understanding of ecological function in tropical rainforests.


Inspiring people


Preventing the extinction of big animal species

Dr Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz

Meet some of our environment experts

Dr Yousif Abdalla Abakr
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Professor Andy Chan
Professor and Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Professor Dominic Foo
Professor of Process Design and Integration, Faculty of Engineering

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