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Nurturing global food security

In the face of climate change we must develop new, resilient crops. Yields must increase to feed a growing population, and we need better access to healthier, safer, more nutritious food. Our researchers are working to deliver sustainable solutions to this global food challenge.

From pioneering the growth of a wider variety of nutritious and resilient crops, and finding new ways to preserve foods to improve quality, to processing simple proteins for human consumption, and extracting antimicrobial compounds from leaves to add to consumer products; our transformative research will help to feed the world.

Global agenda for agricultural diversification

We are working to fast-track the scientific potential of unknown and unfamiliar crops, foods and techniques to develop nutritious products people can, and want to, eat.

Our pioneering researchers are studying underutilised crops such as the Bambara groundnut, known to be drought-tolerant with a good nutritional composition. Our experts are harnessing the specific characteristics of Bambara and applying them to the breeding process to grow more resilient and nutritious crops.

Our food engineers are also investigating the best drying techniques in order to preserve foods, whilst helping the extraction of bioactive ingredients from leaves that can contribute to good health.


Inspiring people


Processing simple proteins for human consumption

Dr Pau Loke Show

Meet some of our food experts

Professor Chung Lim Law
Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Professor Sayed Azam-Ali
Professor of Global Food Security (with CFFRC), Faculty of Science

Dr Hui Hui Chai
Teaching Fellow, School of Biosciences

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