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Pioneering ways to help save lives

Making a positive impact on patients and the public is at the heart of our research. We have brought together a diverse group of researchers to tackle some of the greatest challenges in health.

From developing new technologies to improve the effectiveness of drugs, and discovering new and rare plant compounds to treat various illnesses, to developing tools to identify women who are at higher risk of developing breast cancer; our research is truly life-changing.

Early warning for breast cancer prediction

Most predictions for breast cancer risk in women are based on genetic models of Western women. Our researchers are working with Breast Cancer Malaysia to develop a new mathematical computer model to predict the risk of breast cancer specifically in Malaysian and Singaporean woman.

This model could be used to identify those most at risk and encourage regular screening, which would mean earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Improving drug treatments with natural products

Combining our expertise in crops and pharmaceuticals, our researchers are working to develop medicines from natural plant-based compounds and synthesised plant compounds, using plants from the Malaysian rainforest – such as a new dengue fever treatment from the Papaya leaf, and improved treatment for resistant hypertension from the fig plant species.


Inspiring people


Discovering plant chemicals that contribute to good health

Dr Sze Pheng Ong

Meet some of our health experts

Dr Ching Lik Hii
Director of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Group

Dr Weang Kee Ho
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Professor Sandy Loh
Professor and Director of Biotechnology Research Centre, Faculty of Science

Dr Kuan Hon Lim
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

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