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Prof Dominic Foo

Sustainable Process Integration (SPI) RG; Centre of Excellence for Green TechnologiesCentre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research

Process integration

  • Waste minimisation
  • Carbon emission reduction

Dr Jon McKechnie

Prof Suyin Gan

Combustion and Fuels RG; Centre of Excellence for Green Technologies

Energy and fuels

  • Biofuels production
  • Combustion and emissions
  • Environmental remediation


Prof Chung Lim Law

Future Food Malaysia

Food Processing and Engineering

  • Food preservation
  • Food quality and safety
  • Dehydrated food, fruits and vegetables and drying Technology
  • Fluidised bed technology

Dr Nicholas Watson

Dr Yi Jing Chan

Water and Wastewater Treatment; Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research

Wastewater treatment, renewable energy

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Biogas technology
  • Bioreactor Design


Dr Nishanth Chemmangattuvalappil

Sustainable Process Integration (SPI) RG; Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research

Chemical Product design

Process Design

  • Integrated biorefinery
  • Design of solvents and ionic liquids


Dr Ching Lik Hii

Future Food Malaysia (Co-Director)

Food Processing and Engineering

  • Drying & dehydration
  • Heat & mass transfer
  • Food properties & quality
  • Underutilized materials


DDr Hon Loong Lam

Sustainable Process Integration (SPI) RG; Centre of Excellence for Green TechnologiesCentre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research

Network synthesis

and optimisation

  • Biomass Supply chain
  • Network optimisation and debottlenecking      
  • Green operational management


Dr Phei Li Lau

Polymer Composites RG


  • Recycled composites for energy harvesting
  • Artificial enzymes for carbon absorption

Dr Anca PordeaDr Rachel L. Gomes

Dr Lai Yee Lee

Water and Wastewater Treatment; Combustion and Fuel, Sustainable Environments

Nanotechnology; Biomass & Biofuel 

  • Adsorptive removal of pharmaceuticals, dyes, heavy metals, and VOCs
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials - graphene oxide, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes for environmental pollution control
  • Preparation of agricultural waste and biomass based adsorption systems

Prof Sean Rigby

Dr Siew Shee Lim


Biomaterials and waste water treatment

  • Nanomaterials or composite materials for tissue engineering
  • Nanomaterials for waste water treatment

Dr Ifty Ahmed

Dr Sze Pheng Ong

Future Food Malaysia

Food Processing and Engineering

  • Food processing & dehydration
  • Plant & food microstructure
  • Phytochemical & natural antioxidants
  • Modelling & simulation (food product quality)


Dr Pau Loke Show

Future Food Malaysia   

Bioprocess Engineering

  • Extraction of bio products
  • Synthesis of ionic liquid
  • Fermentation & enzymes
  • Biopolymer & Microalgae


Dr Suchithra Thangalazhy Gopakumar

Combustion and Fuels; Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research

Biomass and Biofuels

  • Biomass pre-treatment
  • Biomass thermochemical conversion
  • Biofuel upgrading
  • Extraction of bio-chemicals


Dr Senthil Kumar Arumugasamy


Process Modelling and  Control

  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Model Predictive control
  • Biopolymerization

Prof Derek Irvine

Dr Ianatul Khoiroh

Green and Renewable Technologies

Advanced Materials

Future Food Malaysia

Separation and Purification

  • Applied thermodynamics
  • Greener separation processes
  • Carbon dioxide capture and sequestration
  • Ionic liquids and complex fluids
  • Molecular dynamics simulation
  • Climate smart engineering

Dr Anna Croft

Dr Vasanthi Sethu

Water and Wastewater Treatment; Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research

Environmentally friendly technologies for water and wastewater

  • Biosorption technology
  • Coagulation and Flocculation technology
  • Material recovery and recycling from waste water


Dr Joyce Tiong

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NATAM)

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

  • Catalytic synthesis and reactions
  • Advanced nanomaterials
  • Nanoemulsions


Dr Sara Kazemi Yazdi

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Sustainable water and wastewater treatment

  • Sustainable drainage systems design
  • Optimisation methods in storm water drainage
  • Flood prevention and storm water quality.


Ir Assoc. Prof. Dr Chong Chien Hwa

Water and Wastewater Treatment &  Future Food Malaysia     

Wastewater Engineering & Drying Technology

  • 3D printing Technology
  • Colour removal

  • Fluoride removal

  • Drying and valorisation of food waste

Ir Dr Wan Yoke Kin

Sustainable Process Integration (SPI);  Water and Wastewater Treatment

Process synthesis, design and optimization; Wastewater Engineering
  • Design of wastewater treatment

  • Waste recovery

  • Resources recovery

  • Circular economy

  • Techno-economy



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