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Assessment Results Blue Castle

Students receive assessment results electronically from the Blue Castle website|  unless a School/Department has advised of other arrangements.

On the relevant release date, a transcript of marks or progression decision will be emailed to student email accounts.  The email will also provide a link to the Blue Castle website|. Students are asked to ensure that there is space available in their University inbox to allow them to receive the email.  To access Blue Castle students will need their University username and password so need to make sure they have those details.

If students have any questions about the results they receive, they should contact their School or Department at the earliest opportunity.  Please use the link for examples of the screens that students will see in Blue Castle|


Key Dates 2015/16:

18 September 2015 My Marks, My Progression and My Award results from the August/September assessment period (undergraduate students)
13 November 2015 My Marks and My Award (postgraduate students)
12 February 2016 My Marks Semester 1 (undergraduate and postgraduate students)
24 June 2016 My Marks and My Award (undergraduate and postgraduate students)
15 July 2016 My Progression (undergraduate and postgraduate students)
21 September 2016 My Marks, My Progression and My Award results from the August/September assessment period (undergraduate students)
14 July 2015 My Progression (continuing undergraduate and postgraduate students)


Blue Castle FAQs

Which students use Blue Castle?  

Malaysia campus based students with the following exceptions

Pre-sessional English (CELE) students.

PGR students will not see the My Progression profile. 

UK and Ningbo students should go to their portal as usual.

What if I have been on mobility to UK/Ningbo?

Your actual module marks will be available through the UK/Ningbo portal. Your study on those campuses will normally appear as credit transfer at a later date on your UNMC record. Your progression status will be viewable through Blue Castle.

 What do I do if I am a PGR/pre-sessional English (CELE) student?

You may refer to your respective Schools

How do I access Blue Castle?  

Go to and login using your University username and password.    

What do I do if I don’t know my username or have forgotten my password?    

Contact the helpline +6 (03) 8924 8199 (internal ext 8199) or email IT service desk.  

I can’t get into Blue Castle although I have my username and password – what do I do?

 Are you one of the students who should be using it? – See above.

  • Is it that Blue Castle is busy? – The system retries every thirty seconds so please try again and remain logged on until you get through.  If you still don’t get through, or you’ve been trying for a while, get in touch with the helpline +6 (03) 8924 8199 (internal ext 8199) or email IT service desk.  
  • Are you on a wireless connection to the University’s network?  If so, check that you are on UNMC Secure rather than UNMC Guest.
  • If there are significant issues there will be a notice on the IT status page.

I get an Access Denied message when I try to log in – what should I do?

Try closing down your browser completely and clear your history/cache then reopen. On a PC use the appropriate menu (Tools in Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, main menu in Chrome, settings menu on an iPad). If the problem persists contact the helpline +6 (03) 8924 8199 (internal ext 8199) or email IT service desk.  

When I login using Internet Explorer the page does not display properly – what should I do?

Close and reopen Blue Castle and when prompted about whether you want to accept secure items select ‘Yes’ (If you select ‘No’ there is in issue with the display). An alternative solution is to add the Blue Castle site to your list of trusted sites through the Internet Options > Security tab, Trusted Sites, Add the URL, Close, Apply and Refresh. 

When will I be able to see information about my degree/award on Blue Castle?   

This information is only relevant to final year undergraduate students and postgraduates. Key dates are available on the top

When will I be able to see information about my marks on Blue Castle?

Key dates for the My Marks profile are available on the top

Please note: at some times of the academic year you will see a set of marks which have been ‘frozen’ together with information on when new marks will be available.

When will I be able to see information about my progression on Blue Castle?

This information is only relevant to students who are returning for further years of study. Key dates are available on the top.

Will I receive an email with my award, my marks and my progression profile?

You will receive an email with your marks and your progression status together with any required resits, but will not receive an email about your award.

If you haven't received an email:

a) Check that you are a student who should receive an e-mail
b) Students will not receive an e-mail when results from the August/September assessment period  are           published
c) Check that your mailbox has sufficient space to receive the email
d) Check that the email has not ended up in your spam email. 

How do I find out whether I have to take any resits?

Blue Castle in the My Progression profile and the email about your progression will include any resit requirements and you should check the examination timetable to find out when you are expected to attend.

How much is the resit fee?

Resit fees are normally RM50

Can I take my resits overseas?

Yes if your School allows that – but you must register before the deadline.

Overseas exam arrangements are only made for students who are normally resident overseas and have external resits;
This also applies to Undergraduate/Postgraduate No Award students (Exchange or Study Abroad Programme)
Please note: Overseas exam arrangements will not be made for students who are on holiday or temporarily overseas during the published examination periods.

How much does it cost to take resit examinations overseas?
Resit fees is RM50 and there is an administrative charge for taking examinations overseas of RM 300.00 for each examination period no matter how many individual examinations are taken in that session. 

You will also be responsible for paying any local charges and/or costs directly to the administering organisation making the local exam arrangements.

For fee payment details, please refer to the Payment of Fees

What should I do if I want to take my resit overseas?

Email will be sent to all students by end of June together with the Overseas Exam Application Form.

Step 1 - Contact your School/Department for overseas examination approval

  • Please contact the administering School/Department for their approval (you must have permission for each module you wish to take). If you have any enquiries, you can either contact or your faculty office.

Step 2 - Contact overseas institutions

  • The list of approved overseas institutions is for you to choose to sit your exam(s).
  • If you choose Nottingham UK campus to sit your exam(s), please contact directly.
  • If you choose Nottingham Ningbo campus to sit your exam(s), please contact directly.
  • Please send the confirmation e-mail from the overseas institution you choose to

Step 3 - Complete the application form and pay the fee

  • Please fill out the Overseas Exam Application Form after you get the confirmation from the overseas institution you choose.
  • Please send the completed form back to by the deadline in the email sent to all students.
  • Pay the relevant fees - RM50 Resit Fees and RM300 administrative charges to UNMC, payment details you can refer to Payment of Fees, and please submit the receipt of payment either by e-mail or hard copy.

Step 4 - Contact your chosen institution for the exam arrangements and take the exams

  • Before your first exam you must contact your chosen institution to confirm all final arrangements (exam time/date/location) and pay any local costs.
  • Remember to take your University ID card with you to your exam(s).

 When will I see my resit results?

In the majority of cases resit results will be published on Blue Castle in September.

Why can’t I see my award/marks/progression status?

This might be for a number of reasons for instance:

  • Your home School has not yet returned a recommendation
  • the marks have not been returned (eg you took your examinations overseas and the paper was late being returned)
  • you were not in the UNMC when you took those modules (mobility/credit transfer modules will be entered later and actual marks can be accessed either through the UK/Ningbo portal or from the institution at which they were studying)
  • you are not a UNMC based student (although students on mobility form UK and China will be able to see marks for the modules taken here)

I want to print my marks out but it doesn’t work – what should I do?

In all common browsers apart from Firefox this should work – this is a known Firefox shortcoming and we can’t solve it. If using Firefox log off and back in using another browser.

 What do I do if I disagree with something that I’m seeing?

In the first instance you should contact your School/Department to discuss the issue.

What do I do if I had extenuating circumstances which I have not yet reported?

Refer to the ECs policy in the Quality Manual. There are time limits on when you may submit ECs – look at the policy. 

What do I do if I had extenuating circumstances which I have reported and I think they may not have been taken into account?

Your School should have notified you of any action they have taken as a result of a claim for ECs, but if they have not you should contact them in the first instance – but it might be appropriate to appeal – see below.

What do I do if I want to appeal against a decision about my progression or award?

Refer to the Academic Support and Guidance.

You may also refer to the Appeals policy in the Quality Manual.


My friend can see their marks/other information and I can’t – why is that?

Marks and other information may be released later for some students – it is dependent on the School having returned the information. As soon as we have it, we will be publishing it so keep checking back.


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