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Attendance and Engagement

Attendance and Engagement

Students must attend all teaching activities necessary for the pursuit of their studies, undertake all associated assessments and attend meetings and other activities as required by their School or the University. Where students wish to interrupt their study, they should follow the University's procedure on Voluntary Interruption of Study.  

Retrospective interruption of study is not permitted. The intention of this attendance procedure is to ensure that students are engaging appropriately with the University and to provide a framework for managing non-engagement.

Digitally Supported Guided Learning (DSGL)

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the University has initiated Digitally Supported Guided Learning (DSGL). All teaching will be online until further notice. Please note that we will still be monitoring your attendance during this period. Attendance will be taken during your online classes via Microsoft Teams. Students who have issues attending the online classes will need to communicate with their respective lecturers.





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