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Important Information Regarding July 2020 Graduation

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, this year’s finalists will graduate on time and receive their degree certificates through the post. However, the University has postponed the summer graduation ceremonies. The University will reschedule a very special set of ceremonies for our class of 2020. We will confirm the details of these as soon as we are able.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are a formal occasion for you, your family and friends as well as University staff, to celebrate your academic achievement.  The ceremonies are held twice a year, in February and July, and mark the official conferral of your award. Each ceremony lasts about one and quarter hours.

The usual expectation is that students will graduate at the relevant ceremony following the successful completion of their studies. Award certificates are issued to students at the ceremony or sent to them after the ceremony if they choose not to attend in person.   

Tracer study

All graduates are required to complete and submit the Tracer Study questionnaires which can be accessed directly at the MOE website.

The online exercise is compulsory. Please refer to the Tracer Letter for more information.

Further information on Tracer Study will confirm as soon as we are able for July 2020 graduation

Graduating in absentia

If you have graduated in absentia, your certificate will be posted to the address given on your graduation application and you should expect to receive it 6-8 weeks after the ceremony.

If you did not complete the graduation registration form, you will need to contact the Graduation Office to make arrangements for collection. 


The University is aware that for some students it is particularly important that they receive their award certificate as soon as possible after they have successfully completed their course.

The usual graduation arrangements may mean that a student has to wait for several months until they can receive their certificate at the graduation ceremony. An inter-ceremony graduation procedure has therefore been set up for students who must have their award certificate more quickly.

Students who wish to follow the inter-ceremony procedure may apply to have their awards conferred in absentia by the University in March or October. If you choose to follow the inter-ceremony route and to have your award certificate early, this does mean that you will not be able to attend a ceremony in person. If you wish to be present at a ceremony you will have to graduate in the usual way and wait to receive your certificate at the ceremony.

If you need to receive your certificate early and wish to apply for the inter-ceremony graduation, please contact the Student Registry latest by 13 February for the inter-ceremony in March and 13 September for the inter-ceremony in October.


If you have any queries or if you need any further information, then please contact the Graduation Office. We hope to make this graduation day a special and memorable day for you and your families. We can also be reached by telephone at +6(03) 8924 8636 or +6(03) 8725 3476 /3469 /3734 /3735 /3793.

Graduation Information

This year's finalists will graduate on time and receive their degree certificates through the post soon after awards are conferred in July 2020. 

Registration for Graduation July 2020

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situition, the University has postponed the July 2020 graduation ceremonies.

Gown Hire

You'll need to hire academic dress (a gown) in order to graduate at a ceremony. You can hire all our gowns from Ede and Ravenscroft. Please send the gown hire form and payment to Ede and Ravenscroft directly.

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