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Computing professionals are the architects of the new information age. Affordable high-tech devices have created an environment rife with both challenges and opportunities. With these challenges come great opportunities; which are waiting to be explored by highly-trained computer science graduates. Your learning is supported by a number of activities, which may include lectures, laboratory sessions, small group tutorials, problem-solving classes and coursework. Research related project work is an important part of all our degrees. Computer science constantly changes, and our programmes are taught by people carrying out world-class cutting-edge research, which influences our curriculum. This provides a strong set of core topics and a choice of options in both fundamental and applied computing.

About the School

Computer Science has the distinction of being a scientific discipline that has engendered some of the most profound and far-reaching social and economic changes since its inception in the early 1950s. What’s more, it is a discipline whose pace of development is accelerating as we become more reliant on computers in our day-to-day lives. It is hard to think of an area of human endeavour in which computers don’t now play an integral role.
Computing professionals are the architects of this new information age. The advancement and proliferation of affordable high-tech devices has created an environment rife with both challenges and opportunities. With these challenges come great opportunities; opportunities waiting to be exploited by highly-trained computer science graduates. Our degrees
in computer science and software engineering produce highly

employable graduates and provide the basis for rewarding and lucrative careers.

The School of Computer Science undertakes world-class research, and our teaching staff at the Malaysia Campus consist of both local and international academics. Our research was ranked in the top 10% of UK Institutions in the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), with 80% of our research activity rated as world class or internationally leading.


The main focus of our research lies in the development of various intelligent systems and computational techniques with applications to a range of real-world problems. Our multidisciplinary research includes areas in computational intelligence, computer vision, human-computer interaction, operational research and simulation and modelling. The research conducted within the school is generally encapsulated by the aims and scope of the Computing in Health (CiH) research group, which is linked to several University-wide priority areas. CiH complements the research themes pursued at the UK Campus, but also takes full advantage of the specific research expertise of staff involved in cross-campus co-supervision of research projects.


Are there any scholarships or financial aid available for computer science postgraduate students? 

Yes, the University of Nottingham Malaysia offers various scholarships and financial assistance opportunities for eligible students. 

Can I pursue a postgraduate degree on a part-time basis? 

Yes, the Computer Science MPhil/PhD programme is available in both full-time (MPhil: 1-2 years / PhD: 3-4 years) and part-time (MPhil: 2-4 years / PhD: 6-8 years) options.

What research areas are covered in the School of Computer Science postgraduate programmes? 

The School of Computer Science covers a wide range of research areas in its postgraduate programmes. These include artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, software engineering, computer vision, robotics, and more. The department has experienced faculty members and well-equipped laboratories to support research endeavours.

Can international students apply for the computer science postgraduate courses? 

Yes, the Computer Science postgraduate programmes at the University of Nottingham Malaysia are open to both local and international students. 

What career prospects are available after completing a postgraduate course in computer science? 

A postgraduate degree in Computer Science opens up many career opportunities. Graduates can pursue careers as software engineers, data scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, cybersecurity analysts, IT consultants, research scientists, and more. The skills and knowledge acquired during the postgraduate programme enhance employability prospects in various sectors.

Are there any specific computer science research areas offered within the postgraduate courses? 

Yes, the School of Computer Science offers specialised research opportunities like:

  • Image processing and computer vision

  • Artificial intelligence and applications

  • Human-computer interaction and ubiquitous computing

  • Software engineering and E-learning

These specialisations provide focused knowledge and skills in specific areas of computer science.

Is there an opportunity for industry exposure or internships during the postgraduate programmes? 

Yes, the School of Computer Science encourages students to gain practical experience and industry exposure during their postgraduate studies. They may have opportunities for internships, industry projects, or collaborations with local and international organisations. These experiences can enhance practical skills and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Can I work on my own research project during the computer science postgraduate programmes? 

Yes, postgraduate students in the School of Computer Science often have the opportunity to work on their own research projects. They can explore topics of their interest within the computer science field, under a faculty advisor's supervision. This allows students to develop their research skills and contribute to advancing knowledge in their chosen area.

What support services are available to postgraduate students within the School of Computer Science? 

The School of Computer Science at UNM provides various support services to postgraduate students, including academic advising, research supervision, career guidance, and counselling services.


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