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The School of Education provides an exciting and rewarding learning experience with a global view. We are committed to providing a quality education to students from around the world. As one of the leading centres for research in education we have contributed to the improvement of social justice and equality in education.

Why take up education research study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia?

The field of education is dynamic, with evolving pedagogies, technologies, and societal needs shaping its landscape. Here's why you should consider taking up an education research course at UNM:

  • Global perspective: With links to Nottingham's UK and China campuses, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of educational challenges and solutions from a global context.

  • Diverse research areas: From interdisciplinary research to educational leadership, our broad spectrum of research areas ensures that you can delve deep into your area of interest.

  • Collaborative environment: Engage with experts from various disciplines, fostering a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to research.

  • Impactful research: Our commitment to social justice and equality means that your research can make a tangible difference in educational practices and policies.

Research in education

The School of Education at Nottingham is a leading centre for research in education, with a broad commitment to improving and investigating social justice and equality in education. In the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) we were ranked sixth out of 82 education departments in the UK.

We aspire to the very highest levels of research performance and are systematically building on our existing strengths to further increase the impact, capacity and productivity of our research.

Areas of research

We have developed three major research agendas that build not only on the strengths of key researchers, but also the research activities of the academic staff as a whole. These overlapping research agendas cover research for and about:

  • knowledge society
  • changing education profession
  • global and local educational cultures and contexts
Working within this, interests amongst our academic

staff include:

  • interdisciplinary research
  • international and comparative education and development
  • special needs and counselling
  • teacher education and teacher development
  • language and literacy education
  • educational leadership and management

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Career prospects for education researchers

Graduates from the School of Education, especially those with a research background, are equipped to take on roles in various sectors. Potential career paths include:

  • Educational Consultant

  • Policy Analyst

  • Curriculum Developer

  • Academic Researcher

  • Teacher/ Educator

  • Educational Technology Specialist

  • Education Administrator

  • Learning and Development Specialist

  • Special Education Researcher

  • Community Education Officer


Are there any research grants or scholarships available for postgraduate students?

Yes, various research grants and scholarships are available. Students are encouraged to discuss these opportunities with their supervisors.

How does the School of Education support the publication of research?

The school provides guidance on research publication, organises seminars, and supports students in presenting their work at national and international forums.

Are there opportunities to engage with the local community as part of my research?

Yes. The School of Education at UNM has ties with local educational institutions and communities, providing ample opportunities for community-engaged research.

How does the School of Education at the University of Nottingham Malaysia incorporate global educational trends into its research?

The School regularly reviews and updates its research agendas based on global educational trends, ensuring that our research remains relevant and impactful.

What kind of mentorship is available for new researchers or PhD Education students?

New researchers and PhD students are paired with experienced faculty members who provide guidance, support, and mentorship throughout their research journey.

Are there any workshops or training sessions available for research methodologies and tools?

Yes, the School of Education at UNM regularly organises workshops and training sessions on various research methodologies, tools, and software to support researchers.

Can I collaborate with researchers from the UK and China campuses for my research project?

Yes. UNM encourages collaborations across its campuses, allowing researchers to gain diverse perspectives and insights



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