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The Faculty of Engineering is one of the strongest faculties in The University of Nottingham with all engineering departments recognised as being amongst the best in higher education. Here at the Malaysia Campus all of our courses are taught in English and the degrees awarded are exactly the same as those in the UK.

We are committed to giving our students an unrivalled combination of quality and excellence, strength and pragmatism, enabled learning, boldness and innovation, respect and tolerance. Graduates with an engineering degree can expect to take up leading roles in well-known global companies and leading-edge organisations the world over. 

It is difficult to overstate the importance of engineering in our rapidly evolving world. Engineering solutions are all around us – portable devices, clean water and healthcare products that enable us to live longer and, arguably, better lives. If we are to continue to innovate then we need the right people. People who can challenge, people who can create and most of all, people who can apply new knowledge in new products and new processes. These are just some of the things you will learn on one of our many engineering courses.

Research in engineering

Research excellence lies at the core of the mission of The University of Nottingham, and the Malaysia Campus is strongly maintaining this mission by conducting world-changing research that is of national importance and international academic interest.

The University of Nottingham is one of the top five researchled universities in engineering in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Malaysia Campus takes an integral part in the research activities of the University. The Malaysia Campus has a significant number of research awards, intellectual property rights, technology transfers projects, and consultancy projects with the community. Many of our researchers are

internationally-renowned leaders in their respective areas.

Research divisions

Following the strategies of the UK Campus, research is organised cross-disciplinary across the various academic departments. We broke down traditional academic ‘walls’ to enhance multidisciplinary research and the results are the five main research divisions:

Each division comprises staff members from different academic departments and this creates an exciting synergy from various expertise, experience, knowledge and perspectives. This approach enables a move away from traditional demarcation and reflects modern perspective on research areas, industry needs and societal concerns.


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