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Career Journey: Azalea Badrulshah, CEng, IMechE


University of Nottingham alumna Azalea Badrulshah, who graduated in 2012 with a MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, shares her career journey with us.

Azalea currently works as a Product Engineer in the Environmental Care Team (handling of Fans & Purifiers) for Dyson, based in Johor, Malaysia, having taken up the position in January 2020. She was previously a Dyson Design Engineer for nearly eight years.

As a “happy-go-lucky” person, Azalea confesses that the most challenging aspect of her job is gaining trust from her bosses and co-workers, as this trait of hers is often perceived as childish. Therefore, Azalea exhibits professionalism at all times and ensures she produces high-quality work proving to her bosses that having a fun personality does not impede her work in any way.

Despite these challenges, Azalea has found her job to be very rewarding, especially when she gets the chance to inspire younger learners to pursue engineering. Knowing that her knowledge and experience is being passed on and put to good use is also an important experience for her. She facilitates problem solving workshops with James Dyson Foundation (JDF) team and gets invited as an Industrial Judge at numerous events, and is to be present for that role for UNM’s “Speed SolidWorks Design Competition”, organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers UNM Student Chapter, to be held on 28 March 2021.

Azalea currently has both short and long-term plans for her career. She first plans on receiving her Professional Engineer qualification from the Board of Engineers in Malaysia (BEM) and then on working towards her goal of becoming a Design or a Project Manager, a role that will enable her to drive a project from the development stage to its production.

Azalea fondly recalls her time at UNM and says that being a student of UNM was what got her first interview with Dyson back in 2012. Having studied in Ireland prior to her return to Malaysia, Azalea wanted to pursue a UK education, leading her to choose UNM.

While she admits that her degree life was tough, it helped her realise what she truly wanted to pursue as a career, which was designing. Moreover, Azalea says she enjoyed her time in UNM, having made many of her close friends in the University’s international student community.

Azalea advises aspiring engineers enjoy the present and take advantage of all the opportunities that they have around them as each experience helps prepare them for their future.

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Posted on 19th March 2021

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