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Career journey: Hassan Rauf


Hassan Rauf (MSc Civil Engineering, 2017) is the COO and Founder of Rockstone Premium Concrete, one of the leading manufacturers of concrete products in Pakistan. He shares his career journey here with us today.

Introduced to the magic behind concrete and its various uses by his father, also a civil engineer, Hassan followed in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at UNM. After he graduated, Hassan went on to obtain a certification for decorative concrete and then set up a manufacturing unit to produce both concrete and concrete products. Today, his initiative, Rockstone - Premium Concrete, is one of the leading manufacturers of concrete products in his native country, Pakistan.

In terms of his work, he shares that the most challenging aspect is the in-depth knowledge needed in multiple areas including engineering, material science, management, manufacturing and supply chains, as well as the need to continue acquiring knowledge outside of his degree.

However, these challenges are balanced by the sweet rewards his job brings him such as putting in research to develop successful products that are well received by his customers.

Before joining UNM, he had already merged his start-up with a larger company, however, the merger collapsed. So, after he graduated, he began rebuilding and rebranding his start-up.  His degree from UNM gave him the skills he needed to re-establish his company and after 11 years of hard work, his company has grown to where it is today. His future plans for his company include expanding it to the global market.

Pursuing his degree at UNM was one of the best decisions Hassan made for his career and he fondly recalls his time on campus, either going to the gym or playing basketball with his friends. He also made friends from across the globe on campus and went on to compete in the Nations’ cup in the campus’s basketball team for Pakistan.

To students who wish to follow his path, Hassan has the following advice:

“Go through the modules available before every semester and pick the ones you think you will need the most in your professional career. Take advantage of module selections.”

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Posted on 14th September 2021

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