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PhD Clinicus is a YouTube channel that provides content related to postgraduate studies. They also provide consultation, proofreading, publication and collaboration-related services. Their aim is to provide top-quality research and mental support to their audiences - postgraduate students and those curious about postgraduate studies.

PhD Clinicus was founded by the University of Nottingham Malaysia’s alumni, Saleh Shadman (BEng in Mechanical Engineering, 2018), Dr Wong Xin Yi (PhD in Chemical Engineering, 2021) and Apurav Krishna Koyande (MEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering, 2017). They are all recipients of the Vice-Chancellor’s Medal, an award to UNM staff and students in recognition of their exceptional achievements and contribution to the UNM community. The channel was created because they felt that the mental health of postgraduate students was sorely overlooked and demanded attention.

Obtaining a PhD can be challenging as candidates have to go through the journey the hard way and emerge unscathed! With that, PhD Clinicus firmly believes that no one should feel alone in their PhD journey. Hence, they are motivated to share their experiences and make postgraduate study journeys easier and smoother for interested individuals. The choice to name their channel “Clinicus” stems from a Latin word, meaning doctor attending a patient. They hope to provide mental and physical well-being support to postgraduate students by ‘prescribing’ them with professional advice and opinions on the various issues that they are experiencing.

The founders hope to provide guidance and morality through their content to those feeling demotivated or wanting to give up on their postgraduate journey. Their content includes discussion and sharing of opinions, strengths and weaknesses.

There were challenges in forming PhD Clinicus, but it was the founders’ best decision, and they look forward to helping others in need.

PhD Clinicus YouTube channel.

(Article and thumbnail caption: PhD Clinicus group photo (from left to right): Saleh Shadman, Dr Wong Xin Yi and Apurav Krishna Koyande)

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Posted on 10th November 2021

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