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If you want to make a difference to the world there is no better way than through choosing a career in education. The demand for qualified education professionals is increasing worldwide and this trend is going to continue – education is your passport to a great variety of opportunities.

The School of Education provides an exciting and rewarding learning environment for future educators. The University of Nottingham in the UK is one of the largest and most established education departments in the UK. The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus follows these footsteps by incorporating innovative teaching and high quality research to benefit our student’s learning experience. As part of an international university, the School of Education provides across-cultural perspective within a global context.

Our programmes are designed with an insightful blend of traditional and emerging educational theory and pedagogy. The Nottingham education degree is internationally recognised as giving a world-class education and our graduates are in huge demand across all sectors of the education industry.

What is education?

If you want to make a difference to the world there is no better way than choosing a career in education. The demand for qualified education professionals is increasing worldwide and this trend is going to continue – a career ineducation is your passport to a great variety of opportunities. 

As educators, we inspire and instruct the next generation and nurture and cultivate future leaders. Whether you dream of being a corporate trainer, education entrepreneur, elementary school teacher, or professor you are sure to find a career in education extremely rewarding. The knowledge,skills and competencies that you will acquire will open doors to career opportunities around the globe. 

  • Bachelor of Education with Honours (TESOL)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Education (TESOL)

How will I study

Our undergraduate courses blend international teacher education concepts with a variety of context-based approaches. Teaching combines lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials with virtual learning environments and emphasis is also placed on self-led learning.Assessment is through a variety of modes of coursework and examination. You will also conduct a supervised research project (dissertation) in an area of your own choosing.

Career prospects

Education is a challenging, exciting and rewarding career. Careers in education are available in four main areas:

  • public and private schools, colleges and universities;
  • supplementary and alternative education providers;
  • the education products industry, including ICT, multimediaand conventional material development and publishing;
  • and education services, including consultancy, investment services, research and technology services.
  • Some popular career options include:
    • Teachers (school teachers, lecturers, professors)
    • Education managers/ researchers
    • Curriculum designers/ Academic adviserTeacher training specialists
    • Education policy developers
    • Education consultants
    • Paraeducators
    • Admission counsellor
    • Student coordinators
    • Career counsellors


What is the scope for education management graduates?

The scope for education management is vast and varied, with a wide range of career opportunities available for individuals who possess the necessary skills and expertise. 

It involves the administration and leadership of educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. This includes a range of tasks like planning educational programmes, managing budgets, overseeing staff and faculty, and liaising with students and parents.

Education managers may also be responsible for developing educational policies, managing public relations and marketing, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

There is a high demand for skilled and qualified education managers. Graduates with a degree in Education can pursue a variety of career paths.

Are there any work placement opportunities available for Education students?

Yes, the University of Nottingham Malaysia offers work placement opportunities for students enroled in Bachelor’s in Education programme to gain practical experience in the field of education. These placements/internships can take place in a variety of educational settings, including schools, colleges, and community organisations.

What type of teaching and learning methods are used in the Education course?

The Education course at the University of Nottingham Malaysia utilises a variety of teaching and learning methods, including lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, and practical sessions. These methods are designed to provide students with a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

Is there any financial support available for Education students?

Yes, the University of Nottingham Malaysia offers a variety of financial support options for Education students, including scholarships. These are available to students who meet certain criteria, such as academic achievement, financial need, or specific programme requirements. 

Can Education graduates pursue a career outside of education?

Yes, while this degree prepares graduates for a career in the field of education, the skills and knowledge gained through the programme are transferable to a variety of other career paths, such as human resources, public relations, or government administration. 

Graduates can utilise their strong communication, organisational, and problem-solving skills in a range of professions and careers.

What support services are available for students enroling in the School of Education at the University of Nottingham Malaysia?

The University of Nottingham Malaysia provides a wide range of support services to students, including academic and learning support, counselling and mental health services, and career guidance



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