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Academic library representatives

The academic library representative is a designated member of academic staff in each school who has responsibility for library matters. Their role includes the following:
  • relaying information from Library Services to colleagues in the school about new and existing services, including new collections, new electronic resources etc.
  • gathering information about school needs relating to library collections and services and communicating these to the library
  • communicating library-related problems within the school/ department and relaying issues for follow-up action to the Library
  • working with academic colleagues to ensure that reading-lists and other requests for learning support materials are submitted to Library Services in good time for the academic sessions
  • coordinating book and journal subscription suggestions from the school/ department
  • working with the library on any relevant policy documents, such as Collection Policies
  • participating in Academic Library Liaison Group meetings 


Academic library representatives
(updated till 4th February 2024)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

School of Business

Dr Tan Chee Meng

School of Economics

Dr Rasyad Parinduri

School of Education

Dr Chu Shi Wei

Centre for English Language and Foundation Education (CELFE)

Ms Nabila Shariff Al-Baiti

School of English

Dr Sina Movaghati

School of Media, Languages & Cultures

Dr Sandrine Sim Yee Chin

School of Politics, History & International Relations

Dr Julia Roknifard

Division of Organisational and Applied Psychology

Dr Hoh Chin Chin

Faculty of Engineering

School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Yap Yee Jiun

Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Dr Sara Kazemi Yazdi

Department of Civil Engineering

Dr Teo Fang Yenn

Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Dr Daniel Pu

Department of Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Ng Khai Ching

Foundation in Engineering

Dr Loh Jian Rong

Faculty of Sciences

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Marikannan Maharajan

School of Biosciences

Dr Lee Siew Siew

School of Computer Science

Dr Muhammad Nasir Ibrahim

School of Environmental & Geographical Sciences

Dr Cedric Tan Kai Wei

School of Pharmacy

Dr Marikannan Maharajan

School of Psychology

Dr Ahamed Miflah Hussain Ismail






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