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Foundation course tuition fees for 2023-2024

Please note that the Foundation fees as listed below are on a per semester basis.


Foundation course tuition fees per semester for 2023-2024


Foundation courseMalaysian FeesInternational Fees
Arts and Education Foundation  RM8,900  RM10,900
Business and Management Foundation RM8,900 RM10,900
Engineering Foundation RM9,900 RM11,800
Science Foundation RM9,900 RM11,495


Why consider a foundation course? 

Foundation courses have a vital role in tertiary education as they provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen undergraduate courses. They help to bridge the gap between secondary school and university. They are particularly useful for students who may not meet the entry requirements for direct admission into a bachelor’s degree programme, and for those who need to enhance both language and academic skills. 

Types of foundation courses

There are various types of foundation programmes available, catering to different academic interests. The following foundation programmes are available at UNM:

  • Foundation in Science caters to students who are interested in pursuing scientific fields such as medicine, pharmacy, or pure sciences. Subjects available in this programme include biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

  • Foundation in Arts and Education is geared towards students who are interested in humanities, social sciences, education and other art-related fields.

  • Foundation in Business and Management is designed for students aspiring to pursue business and management-related degrees. This course introduces fundamental concepts in areas such as economics, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship, preparing students for undergraduate programmes in business-related fields, such as those offered by Nottingham University Business School

  • Foundation in Engineering is specifically for students who plan on taking up engineering degrees. It covers subjects essential to the engineering field, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering principles. 



Are there any scholarships available for foundation course students? 

Yes, UNM offers scholarships and financial aid options for foundation course students who meet the stipulated criteria.  Most of these scholarships and financial help are based on academic merit and the student's needs. Check out our scholarship page for opportunities and application requirements. 

Are foundation courses worth it? 

Foundation courses enable students to gain a comprehensive understanding of foundational principles that are necessary for their intended field of study. They are designed to build a strong academic base which helps boost students’ confidence and facilitate a smoother transition into undergraduate programmes. The foundation course fee that you pay is worth it for the academic success it sets you up for. 

Can I pay the foundation course fees in instalments? 

Students are required to pay the foundation course fees per semester - there are either 2 or 3 semesters for each course. 

Are there any additional costs apart from the foundation course fees? 

Students will also have to budget for some additional costs, such as textbooks and other study materials as well as living expenses and accommodation if they’re living away from home. 

Can I apply for a student loan to cover the foundation course fees? 

Yes, the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) is a common source of student loans in Malaysia. Eligibility criteria and loan amounts vary so it is best to visit the PTPTN website. 


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