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Alumna Diana Rikasari Inspired Paddle Pop Indonesia


Diana Rikasari, alumna of University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) has inspired Paddle Pop Indonesia new advertising campaign, Aku & Pelangi released on 15 October 2020. Diana, an Indonesian Fashion Designer, graduated from UNM in 2008 with a Master’s in International Business Management.

The campaign centres around a now successful fashion designer, Diana, and takes us back to several stages of her life where she would display elements of her burgeoning creativity in her hobbies and activities.

The campaign also features Diana’s parents and adults around her being supportive of her creative pursuits, leaving the viewer with a clear understanding of Paddle Pop’s message to them: supporting and respecting a young child’s passion and play time will eventually lead them to do great things with their talent.

Diana has gone forth to have her works featured in Disney movies and has also accumulated almost 250 thousand followers on Instagram. She now lives in Switzerland with her family and continues to produce designs.

Looking through Diana’s blog, Hot Chocolate and Mint was fascinating, as it shows the viewers Diana’s journey to becoming a fashion designer- from her recreations of celebrity outfits to her accepting brand deals and collaborations, before ultimately launching her own brand. It was also interesting to see the snippets of UNM featured in her posts and realizing how much the campus had changed in the last 13 years.

By witnessing Diana’s journey, one thing we all can learn from her is to never hold themselves back from achieving our creative dreams.

We asked Diana some questions and we hope her answers help all of us learn something new or gain new inspirations.

How did Paddle Pop approach you?

I was approached by Paddle Pop at the beginning of last year. In our very first discussion, they simply asked me to share my story on how I got to where I am today, so I told them about my childhood, about how I grew up, and little did I know that those stories were translated into an actual commercial. I am truly honored.

What is the message you want to relay through this campaign?

This campaign wants to emphasize the importance of play for kids. Very often, a child discovers his interest and passion by playing and exploring. And so the main message is for parents to allow their kids to play, to express their ideas and creativity, to make a "mess", because only through these experiences a child would be able to discover what he/she wants to be when they grow up.

How did your degree at Nottingham help shape your career for the success it has now?

I truly enjoyed studying at Nottingham University, in fact, I can easily say that it was my most favorite period of my whole student life. Taking the International Business Management major has helped me have a better understanding on how to run a business. Being a fashion designer, we must also operate and have the mindset of a 'business' in order to keep thriving in the industry. Also, I met my then boyfriend (now husband) in Nottingham University.

What was your journey like after you graduated from here?

Upon graduation, I first worked as a market researcher in a research company and continued to work in the research department of several other FMCGs. After I felt that I have 'learned enough', I decided to resign and start my own fashion business.

Did any elements of your life in Nottingham inspire your designs?

Having taken quantitative and qualitative research classes in Nottingham and also working as a market researcher, I tend to tell stories through my designs. I always want my designs to have meanings, as if they were a result of a research conducted on certain themes, issues or causes.

Do you have any words of advice for young creatives in Nottingham?

No matter what your profession will be in life, I truly believe that education will help you excel. Education is the foundation that will help you think systematically and guide your creative processes so that your ideas can be translated more effectively.

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Posted on 13th November 2020

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