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Father's Day Alumni Exclusive


The University of Nottingham Malaysia Alumni and Donor Relations Office (ADRO) and School of English organised a Poetry Workshop – Father’s Day Alumni Exclusive on Friday, 19 June 2020.

The workshop was designed to help alumni create a poem dedicated to their fathers in conjunction with Father’s Day celebration.

“We used Father’s Day as a way to entice our alumni to engage with us but also so that it will be memorable to them. We were very pleased with the participation of those who attended. It was a great show of talents and of deep love for your dads,” said Josephine Dionisappu, PR & Communications Manager who heads ADRO.

The workshop was conducted by our very own Professor Malachi Edwin Vethamani, who is the Head of the School of English at UNM

Professor Vethamani is a poet, writer, critic and bibliographer. He has had many publications including Coitus Interruptus and Other Stories (2018) as well as two collections of poems - Life Happens (2017) and Complicated Lives (2016). Recently, his poem titled Reading Tennyson on Pandemic Days was published in The Star.

The workshop required participants to write a special poem to their father and Professor Vethamani explained the steps in writing a good poem and guided the participants throughout the session. By the end of the workshop, the best poem written received an exclusive prize of an autographed book by Professor Vethamani himself. The best poem will also be featured on ADRO social media platforms.

The alumni found this workshop informative, worthwhile and a good start for creative writing.

“It was a lively workshop despite being an online session. We had a fun time, participants shared their writing and commented on each other’s work. All the participants went away with an early draft of a poem they can work on, in time for Father’s Day.”- said Professor Vethamani.

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Posted on 22nd June 2020

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