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Making Your Mask into a Fashion Statement


Today we sat down, virtually with our alumna, Nadia Nadine Binti Mohamed Shaharul, who graduated in July 2020 with a degree in Finance, Accounting and Management.

We remember Nadine during her time in UNM for her vibrant sense of fashion, which was her way of expressing herself and someone who had her own graduation fashion shoot.

She shared some tips with us on how to look chic and fashionable while wearing a mask during the CMCO.

Now that masks are mandatory, what is the best way to look chic and trendy while following the SOP?

Some people think that just because we are at home a lot, we do not need to be fashionable. In my opinion, it is all the more reason to get creative with what we wear. But the bottom line is that we must always be comfortable with what we have on.

Where do you draw the line between practicality and fashion when it comes to masks?  

From my point of view, mask is mostly about safety because personally, I feel most safe wearing surgical masks. I know that a lot of people are using the cloth ones now. The ones with the filters are okay, and  lot of them are just wearing silk masks, because they look nice. But, in the end, looking nice should not be at the expense of your health.

Some experts encouraged  people to dress up when they work and study from home as it has a positive effect on them. What can they wear to look and feel good during the CMCO?

To be completely honest while I was studying at home in the last few moments of my degree and now while I am studying part time while working from home, I am in my pajamas.

Personally, I just want to feel comfortable at home. There were times when I could not wear a certain outfit since I am staying home. But then, I tell myself it is okay, no one is judging me at home, so I wear it anyway.

Just because we cannot go outside, does not mean it should stop us from getting dressed and celebrating parts of your life indoors.

What sparked your interest towards fashion? 

It started during my childhood with my mum and seeing her piece things together. What I think drew my attention to her, was that we did not have much, but she did not let that get in the way of her looking nice. She made the most of what she had.

Social media and TV shows do inspire me, but it also puts a lot of expectations on you to keep up with things. Especially with body image, so it is a sensitive area.

What is the distinction between fashion and basic necessities?

I would not say fashion is a necessity, it is more of an interest. As long as we are clothed, comfortable, warm, or not too hot depending on the climate, that is fine. Fashion is finding a way to take your necessities and turning them into something creative.

You are our alumna, what are your plans in terms of career? Is there a plan to embark on something around fashion?

It is quite surreal to think that I now work in accounting, particularly in taxation. I wanted to be a fashion designer at one point, for now, it will be a hobby for me.

If I ever get the opportunity to make it a part of my career, I will definitely do so, but for now my plans are to grow in terms of a taxation career. 

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Posted on 25th November 2020

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