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Zero Waste Malaysia receives fund from the Star Foundation

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Khor Sue Yee is an engineering alumna from University of Nottingham Malaysia and presently, the co-founder of Zero Waste Malaysia, a non-profit organisation that advocates sustainable development. 

Zero Waste Malaysia was one of the 13 NGOs that was awarded funds by the Star Foundation. The foundation has been awarding funds to deserving NGOs since 2004 and since then has awarded a total of RM19.1 million to more than 300 organisations.

According to Khor, the financial support, totalling RM15,000, will be directed to their monthly operational costs.

Khor said: “Many NGOs are suffering because of the lack of public donations and fewer engagements with corporation. This donation will definitely help us support our operational and other costs too.”

Zero Waste Malaysia is registered with The Registry of Societies of Malaysia an aims to educate individuals, groups, corporations and organisations alike to be cognisant and capable in executing their zero waste action plans. In addition, the NGO gives talks to create engaging and stimulating conversation centred around sustainable living.

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Posted on 21st October 2020

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