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Examinations Office

The Exams Office has the task of organising and administering all written exams for the courses offered by the University. All exams will take place at the main campus in Semenyih with the exception of some MBA exams.

International students may be allowed to take their reassessment exams in their home country during the August/September reassessment period. This must be at a centre approved by the University and is not extended to the Foundation programme.

Adjustments to Examination Arrangements

The University recognises that specific arrangements for formal examination may be made for:

  • Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, AD(H)D, Asperger's Syndrome etc)
  • Physical impairment or mobility issues
  • Hearing or Visual impairment
  • Also those who have a long term medical or mental health condition
All requests must be supported by evidence. Please book an appointment with Wellbeing Services to discuss with them as soon as possible.

Exam FAQs

How do I check for which exams I will be entered?
Your exam dockets will be generated based on the modules you have signed up for in your Module Entry Forms (MEF). You can confirm this with your respective Faculty/School offices.

It is essential that you fill out your MEF carefully. Please note that once the timetable is published students will be unable to change their examination entries.
When will the Examination Timetable be available?

The examination timetable for each semester will be available approximately 4-6 weeks before the examinations begin.

For the autumn semester examinations, this will be in early-December, and for the Spring semester examinations, this will be in mid-March. The timetable will also be published on the University’s website. Students will be sent their individual exam dockets via their respective University e-mail accounts.
How do I find out for which exams I have been registered ?
By checking your individual examination dockets or by referring to the timetable posted on our website.
What do I do if I am registered for the wrong examinations?

If there is an examination missing or an examination listed that should not be there you should inform the Exams Office immediately. Also, you should find out the date and location of the exam from our website. Turn up to the exam and explain to one of the invigilators you are not registered for the exam, and they will find you a spare seat and desk in the exam room.

Please ensure you take your Student ID card with you. Please note that once the timetable is published you will be unable to amend your examination entries.
How is the Examination Timetable produced?
Examination timetables are produced within constraints dictated by student choice, room sizes, and a commitment to no more than two examinations per day and the avoidance of consecutive examinations within a day where possible.
Why do I have two examinations in one day?
The logistical difficulty of scheduling a large number of examinations involving many hundreds of students to take place in a limited number of days makes it inevitable that some students will have two examinations on the same day. It is therefore normal University practice to permit this to be the case. Where possible we try to ensure that the examinations are not consecutive.
I only have two examinations - why are these on the same day?
For the reasons given above, University practice does permit two examinations in one day. It may happen to be the case that for an individual student or group of students these are the only two examinations they have.
Why do I have examinations on consecutive days?
Due to difficulty of scheduling a large number of examinations involving many thousands of students to take place in a limited number of days, it is impossible to avoid student having examinations on consecutive days, sometimes over several days. It is therefore normal University practice to schedule examinations on consecutive days.
Why are all of my examinations scheduled close together?
The difficulty of scheduling a large number of examinations involving many thousands of students to take place in a limited number of days makes it is not always possible to spread examinations over the whole examination period.
Can the location of an examination change?
Locations of examinations are published with the timetable. The location of an examination is very unlikely to change from the location printed on the timetable. Very exceptionally a location may change, if so the change will be informed to the students registered for the examination separately.
My examination is being held within my School why is this not appearing on my timetable?
This module is not examined by a centrally scheduled exam; instead it will be held as an 'in class' exam and so will not appear on your timetable. You should contact the module convener for further information.
From where do I get my exam results?
You will be able to obtain your exam results by contacting your respective Faculty/School Offices. Or you can access via Blue Castle.

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