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Procedures for Timetabling and Room Bookings

If you are a University of Nottingham staff member you may book common teaching rooms via Web-Room Booking System. If you wish to cancel a room booking, you are able to cancel your booking under ‘my bookings’ link in the system.

Or please email your request to Room Booking Team.

It is imperative that cancellations are notified to the office soonest possible as other users may wish to book these rooms.

Timetabling and Room Booking procedures can be found in the links located below.

If you have queries, please contact Timetabling or Room Booking via email.


  General Principles

  • Common academic teaching spaces are allocated on a shared and on a needs basis, i.e., suitability for intended use, the expected student number, AV and IS facilities, specific room types and etc. 
  • University staff requiring the use of common facilities on an ad hoc basis may book the facilities via Web-Room Booking (WRB) available online.  All ad hoc bookings for common spaces will be referred to Room Booking Team for approval (after publication of teaching timetable) on a first-come-first-serve basis. Teaching activities will be accorded higher priority.
  • Teaching space is usually made available outside of the standard teaching hours for society and club activities. Room-booking requests from individual students must be made via the Student Association Office. All cancellations for such bookings must be made via WRB at least three working days before the event.
  • There are caveats to the approved bookings and teaching activities having precedence during the teaching period: (1) University annual approved events, such as Open Days and Graduation ceremony, will be likely to require temporary usage of rooms otherwise booked for teaching activities or other events; (2) Major one-off events such as visits by Ministry of Education and on-location visits by UNUK; in such cases prior teaching schedules and approved bookings would be superseded where alternative arrangements will be made.
  • Ad hoc bookings should not be used for regular teaching activities (except for replacement classes) as the activities will not be reflected in the online teaching timetable, nor appear in usage statistics. 
  • Staff must not use rooms they perceive to be free of teaching without first requesting use of the room via Web Room Booking or Room Booking/Timetabling Team. Rooms may be empty for a number of reasons, and may well be timetabled for use in future weeks.
  • Standard teaching hours for undergraduate students on campus are between 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays. Weekend and evening classes (between 6:30pm to 9:30pm) may be scheduled for postgraduate courses. MPU modules are extended to Saturday as necessitated by resource constraints. However, the common teaching rooms will be made accessible for additional or replacement classes as and when required.
  • Schools whom request to schedule classes beyond the standard teaching hours and on weekends must communicate to Security services and Estate to ensure that arrangements for access and securing of facilities are made. 
  • Classes will be scheduled to begin on the hour or half-hour and must conclude 10 minutes before the next scheduled start time to allow staff and students to travel to the next class and to allow staff to set up the classroom if required.
  • Students can expect to attend all compulsory modules in accordance with standard course progression and to have a reasonable selection of electives/optional modules from which to choose. While the University attempts to accommodate student choices, the timetable may not allow for every student to attend their preferred combination of electives. Elective modules will not be guaranteed to be clash-free.






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