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International students - paying your fees


  • 100% of one academic year fee upon registration at the start of semester one
  • 100% of one semester fee at the start of each semester


  • 100% of one academic year fee upon registration at the start of semester one
  • 50% of total fee at the start of semester one, balance of 50% at the start of semester two


  • 100% of one academic year fee upon registration at the start of semester one
  • 50% of total fee at the start of semester one, balance of 50% at the start of semester two (Taught postgraduate only)


Payment of fees

Payments can be made by:

  •  MyNottingham portal - Visa/Mastercard (preferred choice for payment of fees)
  • Crossed cheque or bank draft payable to 'The University of Nottingham in Malaysia Sdn Bhd'.
  • Credit / Debit card payment is available for Visa/Mastercard/American Express over-the-counter at the Semenyih Campus Finance Office
  • Bank transfers (telegraphic transfers) or direct bank-in: please note that telegraphic transfers take an average of two weeks processing time. You are advised to make your transfer through the bank and avoid making payment through a money changer. Please ensure that you give the correct details to the bank. The beneficiary name should be "THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM IN MALAYSIA SDN BHD"
  • Kindly refer to the video below on how you can make payment.

CIMB Bank Berhad                                                               No 17, Jalan Jelok 6
Metro Point, Kajang
43000 Selangor

Bank Account Number
Swift Code: CIBBMYKL 

Affin Bank Berhad                                                               LTAT Branch Bangunan LTATJalan Bukit Bintang            55100 Kuala Lumpur

Bank Account Number :100260005567
Swift Code: PHBMMYKL


MyNottingham: Finance - Make Payment

Payment of Tuition Fees for Non Malaysian Nationals




Please take note that effective immediately any funds from Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Myanmar, Syria, Crimea and North Korea will not be accepted by our bankers as these countries are listed as sanctioned countries.

We have been informed by our bankers that they will not be able to accept remittances from the above countries.

Please note that cash payments are not acceptable.

All cheques and bank transfers must be forwarded to the Finance Office for official receipt. Please include your name and course on the back. Do also note that cheques/bank drafts are no longer acceptable in USD currency effective from 1st June 2016.


This video shows you how to make payment to your student record in MyNottingham Portal.

Do visit MyNottingham website for more tutorials and FAQs.


Early payment discount

Commencing from the September 2016 intake (academic year 2016/2017), students will be entitled to a 4% early payment discount if they were to pay the full academic year fee by the 31st July of each year . Should you pay at any time on or after the 1st August but before the tuition fee due date for the semester you would only be entitled to a 2% early payment discount for the full academic year tuition fee. Payments made after the due date would not be entitled to any early payment discounts. The early payment discounts will also not be applicable for any subsequent withdrawals during the academic year from the program/course.

Early payment discount is not applicable to sponsoring bodies. All such discounts will be calculated based on net payment due after all other scholarships and discounts. 


The actual tuition fees payable are in Ringgit Malaysia and any shortfall or excess from any translation of foreign currencies to Ringgit Malaysia and bank charges must be borne by the student. 

Refund policy

Commencing from the January 2017 (academic year 2016/2017) all requests for tuition fee refunds upon withdrawal will be based on a percentage basis with a 15% step reduction as follows:

Refund Table
  No of Days From Start of Registration/Session % Of Refund 
 0  30  80%
 31  60  65%
 61  90   50% 

In all cases, any other debt owing to the University will be subtracted from any refund of fees. The University reserves the right, at the discretion of the Director of Financial and Business Services, to make an administrative charge against any refund in order to cover any costs associated with making the refund.

For International Students – Any overpayment of fee will be subjected to the following refund options:-

1) A maximum amount RM 5,000 to be transferred to the local (Malaysian) bank account (one time only) and the rest of the balance (if any) will be offset against next semester's fee payable or transferred back the student’s home country.


2) Transfer all of the amount overpaid to the student’s home country and all bank charges for such overseas transfer will be borne by the payee.

Beginning from 28 February 2017, all students will need to fill in their respective bank details in order of proceeding with the refund.  Kindly refer to the tutorial video attached below that demonstrates how students are able to fill in the respective bank details.

MyNottingham: Finance - Add Bank Account

This video shows you how to add a bank account to your student record in MyNottingham Portal.

Do visit MyNottingham website for more tutorials and FAQs.


In order to expedite your refund process, you may fill in the Refund Form 

Instalment Plan

For those students who are facing financial difficulties, you can opt for Instalment Plan. Terms and conditions applies.

Important deadlines


Due date for Summer Semester 2018 as per below: 

Due Dates
Course  Due Dates
 Foundation  21st May 2018


Failure to settle the outstanding tuition fees will result in a late penalty of 5% per annum being imposed on any outstanding balance or a minimum of RM100 whichever is higher. 

For those who wish to apply for tuition fee installment plans for Summer semester 2018, the deadlines to submit the form together with supporting documents are on the same due date with tuition fees.Students will be notified of the outcome via email. Finance Office will not accept any late applications.



For any enquires regarding the payment of tuition fees please contact the Finance Office:

Trent Building, Finance Office 
Tel: +6 (03) 8924 8607

Student Service Centre
Tel: +6(03)-8725 3414

Email us at :

Finance Office
Finance refunds
Finance Credit Control
(Instalment Plan )
Tel: +6 (03) 8725 3456

More information on loans and scholarships available to international students.







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