Make sure that you upload scanned copies of your certificate and transcripts, as well as any other supporting documents, as we will not be able to assess your application without them. Any document you submit must be in English. You can also supply an official translation if the original documents are not available in English.


General documents required for all applications

Proof of English language competency (if any)
Copy of National Residence Identification Card (NRIC), for Malaysians
Identification page of passport (photo page only), for international applicants
Malaysian permanent residence card (if applicable)
Under 18 consent form (applicants under the age of 18)


Additional documents for foundation and undergraduate applicants

Relevant academic transcripts (SPM/IGCSE/O Levels/High School Diploma/AS level)
Other relevant higher qualifications (i.e. A level/STPM / UEC/IB Diploma/Foundation/Diploma)
Forecast results (if official results are not yet available)
Certificate or letter of completion (if examinations have been completed


Additional documents required for applicants applying for credit transfer (Recognition of Other Learning – ROL)

Transfer of credits form
Course syllabus or curriculum details of subjects studied at the previous institution
Marking scheme used at the institution above
For professional qualifications, please include a statement of the equivalence of any qualifications obtained


Additional documents for compliance to the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) Standards or Programme Standards

*Relevant years of working experience are required for some of the programmes.
**Applicants will be asked to submit additional satisfactory professional work reference letters from previous employers to determine the relevant work experiences.
Curriculum vitae (CV)/resume must include current and previous job responsibilities.


Additional documents for postgraduate taught and research

Undergraduate academic transcripts (eg. Bachelor’s Degree)
Graduation certificate or letter of completion
Other relevant higher qualifications (eg. Master's Degree)
A copy of academic transcript with marks to-date and a list of pending modules (if degree has yet to be completed)
Curriculum vitae (CV)/resume
One academic reference letter, for applicants applying using qualifications in related fields* (for postgraduate taught)
One professional work reference letter, for applicants applying using qualifications in nonrelated fields** (for postgraduate taught)
Two satisfactory references/recommendation letters (for MBA and postgraduate research)


Additional documents required for postgraduate research applicant

Research proposal. Your application must include a 1,000 to 3,000 words research proposal. This will be judged on both content and format. Guidance in writing a research proposal:


Cover the essentials

We don't expect you to have all the answers, but a successful proposal should:

  • clearly define your intended topic
  • demonstrate that you understand your research area
  • indicate that you have started to develop an original and interesting research question
  • show that you understand how to conduct research
  • look professional – ensure your proposal is well-structured, clear and legible, and free of any spelling or grammatical errors
  • focus on quality rather than quantity

Structure your proposal


This should be clear, concise and describe the theme of your proposal.

Include a short summary of your proposal, stating the problem or question you plan to address.

Background summary
Identify the study area your proposed thesis falls into, explaining its significance, likely impact and how it will contribute to the field.

Explain the key aims of your research and the questions you will address in order to achieve them.

Methods and timescale
Detail how you intend to carry out your research. Will you collect data using libraries, archives, field studies or interviews for example? How you will analyse the data you collect. A schedule of key activities can help demonstrate that your research is achievable within the timeframe of your PhD.

List the publications and sources you have cited in your proposal. You can also include sources you have read in preparation.