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Explore our 'triple crown' accredited School of Business featuring courses in marketing, accountancy, finance and more.

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Ranked 8th in the world, learn from the best at our School of Pharmacy and choose between graduating in Malaysia or the UK.

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Computer Science

Learn about this in-demand course, producing the next generation of computer analysts, software engineers and more.

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Welcome to our world of research

Discover how our research transforms lives and shapes the future.


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Upcoming events
KLTC building
26 Sept (Re)assessing the Threat of Violent Extremism and Radicalization in Southeast Asia

Be part of this thought-provoking conference at KLTC with over 15 esteemed speakers to better understand the topic of extremism and radicalization.

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University news
BPharm agreement
UK-Standard Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Course Now Offering at UNM

Learn all about the exciting BPharm course, now open for September intake

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