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Applied psychology has become influential in almost all aspects of society including work, education, healthcare and health promotion, government, crime prevention, commerce, and even sports. In all of these areas, applied psychologists work to improve people’s lives and help clients achieve their goals and objectives.

The Department of Applied Psychology enjoys a strong reputation for teaching and research. In the latest Research Assessment Exercise, the department, together with Nottingham University Business School, received a Grade 5 (international) rating and was ranked 6th overall in the UK. 

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in this field. Our applied psychology courses foster critical thinking, research abilities and practical skills, preparing students for a wide range of careers in psychology and its related fields.

What is applied psychology?

Applied psychology is the application of psychological science, theory and principles to problems of everyday life. It has become influential in almost all aspects of society including crime prevention, commerce, education, government, healthcare and health promotion, sports and work. In all of these areas, applied psychologists work to improve people’s lives and help clients achieve their goals and objectives. In essence, applied psychologists are interested in people and seek to understand human behaviour and thought processes. More importantly, they are interested in how individuals interact with the  various cultural, physical, social and societal systems that characterise human life. The BSc Applied Psychology and Management Studies combines applied psychology with the study of core areas of contemporary business and management, providing you with an excellent foundation to enter careers in psychology and business.

How will I study

In the first year you are introduced to the underlying core management disciplines of accounting, economics and finance and the psychology of the individual and their relationship with the business world, as well as researchmethods in applied psychology. In the second year, you take modules in more advanced subjects in accounting, economics and research methods while learning about the psychology of culture, groups and society and other applications of individual psychology. In the final year, youwill take further modules on human resource management, strategy and more advanced modules in work psychology and embark on an applied research project.

Our facilities

The Department of Applied Psychology provides state-of-the-art facilities and resources for your research endeavours to support your learning. We have well-equipped laboratories for conducting experiments, observational studies, and psychological assessments. Additionally, students have access to computer labs, statistical software, online databases, journals and other tools necessary for data analysis and research. 

Our faculty

Our dedicated faculty members are experts in their respective fields and are committed to providing high-quality education to our students. They are mentors with diverse research interests and experience, ensuring a rich and dynamic learning environment. Our faculty members are active in both teaching and research and are able to bring their real-world experiences and knowledge into the classroom. 

Career prospects and employability

Applied psychology and management studies offers an added value not met by graduates from a single-subject background due to the integration of a psychological perspective. It will prepare you for international careers with a strong human element in government agencies, industry and other types of organisations, such as charities, consultancies and non-governmental organisations. Applied psychologists in business are valued and respected within their various areas of expertise, particularly in the fields of advertising, career and organisational development, change management, counselling, human resources, marketing, occupational testing, selection and recruitment, and training.They often collaborate with other experts in business and their contribution is highly sought-after.


Can I specialise in a specific area within applied psychology?

This will depend on the programme and level of the applied psychology course you’re enrolled in. For example, while UNM’s undergraduate Applied Psychology and Management BSc (Hons) does not provide specialisation in a specific area, there are optional modules students can pick from based on their interests. Furthermore, students can also choose to further their studies with an Applied Psychology MPhil/PhD for specialisation. 

Are there opportunities for research involvement?

Yes. Research is an integral part of our department. We encourage students to engage in research activities. In fact, ‘Research in Applied Psychology’ is a Year 3 core module for our Applied Psychology and Management BSc (Hons) course. Research involvement helps students develop critical thinking and analytical skills, and contributes to advancing knowledge in this field. 

Can I pursue postgraduate applied psychology courses after completing my undergraduate degree?

Yes, you can. Postgraduate applied psychology courses offered by our Department of Applied Psychology include Applied Psychology MPhil/PhD and Management Psychology MSc. A postgraduate degree can enhance career prospects, deepen expertise in your specialisation and open doors to advanced research or professional practice.

Are there any scholarships for students who are taking applied psychology courses at UNM?

Yes, UNM offers scholarships and financial aid to deserving local and international students.


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