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Pre-arrival student pass & visa information 1

Pre-arrival processes

All international students intending to study in Malaysia must complete the following pre-arrival student pass and entry visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. 

We have broken up the process into several steps:

  • preparing documentation for your student pass.
  • submitting documentation for your student pass.
  • receiving your VAL & SEV.
  • receiving your student pass.
  • receiving i-Kad

Contact details

We understand that obtaining the necessary documentation can be a difficult and confusing process.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:

Student Visa Office


Preparing Documentation for your Student Pass (visa)

Non-Malaysian nationals who wish to study full-time at any educational institution in Malaysia must apply for a Student Pass (Visa). This is a requirement of Regulation 13 of the Immigration Regulations 1963.

  • International students MUST apply and obtain the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to study in Malaysia before entering Malaysia. All international student are required to apply VAL while they are in their home country/ country of residence.
  • You are NOT allowed to enter Malaysia once application is submitted to EMGS for VAL processing. This may cause the application to be Rejected by the immigration officer.
  • Conversion of an existing Visit/ Social Pass to Student Visa is strictly not allowed.

Student holding other passes

Non-Malaysian nationals holding these passes:

  • Diplomatic Pass.
  • Dependant Pass.
  • Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H).
  • Resident Pass-Talent (RP-T) [dependent pass]

are required to apply for a Student Pass. Students are required to cancel the existing pass and apply for the Student Pass until the completion of their studies in Malaysia - refer Visa Office for further assistance.

The University will not be liable for any action taken by the Malaysian Immigration authorities if you decide to ignore the rulings above. This including NOT able obtain attestation after graduation from Ministry of Higher Education.

Students changing course or institutions

Students are required to submit a new Student Pass application and new processing fees for the following circumstances:

  • progressing further studies from international school
  • progressing to another level of studies (foundation to undergraduate/ UG to Masters/ Master/MPhil to PhD).
  • change course (within same institution).
  • change to another institution.
  • transfer in from another institution.

The processing fees and any additional charges will be borne by the students. 


Documentation for your student pass

The Malaysian Immigration Department requires that UNM apply for the student pass on behalf of each student.
Once you have received your conditional/ unconditional offer letter you must submit the following documents to us at least four (4) months before the registration day of your course. Please ensure that you follow the requirement guidelines strictly to avoid delays in your visa application. UNM bears no responsibility for late submission.
The following is the list of documents required for the visa application process: 

  • Digital copy of passport sized photographs with white background (45mm height x 35mm wide) OR 1 soft copy
  • 2 copies of valid passport OR 1 soft copy: all pages, including blank pages and preferably in colour for details page.**Your passport should be valid for at least 18 months from the date of your registration and passport copies should be clear, and if printed, should be printed on single-sided A4 paper. 
  • 1 certified true copy of your final academic certificates/transcripts in English. For academic certificates/transcripts in other languages, a certified true copy of the English translation must be submitted together with the original version.
  • 1 copy of Yellow fever vaccination card/ certificate (only for high risk countries
  • 1 copy of Approval to Study in Malaysia & Student Pass - Declaration Form
  • 1 copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC) (for Sudanese students). The University will apply the NOC from the Sudanese embassy in Malaysia on your behalf. Any charges incurred will be borne by the student.
  • Letter of Eligibility/ LOE (for Iranian and Omani students). UNM will apply for the LOE on your behalf from these students. Any charges incurred will be borne by the student
  • For Chinese students, online verification report of the academic certificate can be obtained through the China Credentials Verification (CSSD) / Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) ( / Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (  
  • Refer to checklist provided to you thru email by the Visa Office team

The above forms should be filled in and submitted all together via email to to The Student Visa Office, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Jalan Broga,  43500, Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Additional documentation for:

Students transferring from other academic institutions in Malaysia


Students transferring from other academic institutions in Malaysia or have previously studied in Malaysia must submit the following additional documentation:
  • release letter from the previous institution.
  • attendance report from the previous institution.
  • academic results from the previous institution.
  • Visa cancellation letter with an acknowledgment from EMGS/ Immigration Department.
Foundation and undergraduate students over the age of 25  


Foundation and undergraduate students (but not Postgraduate students) aged 25 years or above are required by the Malaysian Immigration authorities to submit a resume/CV 

that includes:

  • personal particulars.
  • previous education.
  • work experience.


Receiving your approval 

Upon receiving your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from the Immigration Department, UNM's Visa Office shall email soft copy of VAL to you or your agent.

Entry Visa or Single Entry Visa (SEV)

After receiving your 'VAL' you should apply for a Single Entry Visa (SEV) at your nearest Malaysian Embassy/ High Commision/ Consulate Office before

you travel to Malaysia. Please visit the Malaysian Embassy/ High Commission/ Consulate Office for confirmation regarding applying for your SEV to Malaysia.Or apply thru eVISA via online.


If you do not comply with the above SEV or Entry Visa requirement, the Malaysian Immigration authorities may not convert your Visit/ Social/ Tourist pass to Student Pass (visa) although you have entered with VAL.

You are risked to be sent back to your home country to apply SEV and re-enter again.

These additional costs will be borne by the student concerned.


  • Nationals from most Commonwealth countries do not need to apply for a SEV. Please visit the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate Office for confirmation.
  • All other Non-Malaysian nationals must apply for a Single Entry Visa. 
  • Additional Note: Nationals of the following countries must apply for a Single Entry Visa (SEV) before travelling to Malaysia - Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • Additional Note: Nationals from the People's Republic of China are prohibited from entering Malaysia without a SEV. Please apply for a SEV from the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai.
  • Or thru eVISA via online.
  • Any Entry Visa fee incurred will be borne by the student and may differs from one country to another. 

Applying for your student pass [Visa Approval Letter (VAL)]

The University of Nottingham Malaysia will apply for the Student Pass on your behalf and you will be notified by e-mail once you have accepted offer and made tuition fee deposit to our Finance.

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