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Renewing your Student Pass

Overstaying your Student Pass (visa)

If your visa has expired and you have not renewed it yet, you should immediately visit the Visa Office for consultation. You can also reach the relevant visa officers at +60 3 8725 3709/ 3706/ 3705 or +60 3 8725 3715.

Who needs to renew their Student Pass (visa)?

Students who are progressing from first year to second and third year of a course (e.g. Year 1 to Year 2 and Year 3) must renew their student pass. Students who are progressing from Foundation to UG or UG to Masters/ MPhil/ PhD must apply for a new student pass (see Special Circumstances).

Eligibility to renew your Student Pass:

The EMGS (Ministry of Higher Education) and Immigration Department will only approve the student pass renewal if students meet the following criteria;

  • attendance not less than 80%
  • pass in all the subjects taken – If poor result or fail (in any one subject) Dean’s supporting letter is required with a Study Plan.

The Immigration Department of Malaysia reserves the right to extend or deny any student pass as seen fit.

When to renew your Student Pass?

Students are advised to submit their passport for student pass renewal at least 4 months before the expiry of their current pass. This is to ensure that there is sufficient processing time for external bodies and to avoid applying Special Pass or overstaying. 

There are two main criteria to renew your student pass;

  • Attendance not less than 80%
  • Pass in all modules (subjects)  – If poor or fail (any subject) Dean’s supporting letter is required with a Study Plan.

Student can appeal their student pass renewal if not supported but Immigration Dept reserves the right to extend or deny student pass of any period.

For students having student pass issued for full duration of studies (3 years) MUST renew i-Kad yearly. Failure to do this may lead to revocation of student pass by the Immigration Dept without giving any notice thus sending them home. You are required to make yearly insurance thru our Finance and provide proof for us to 'obtain insurance cover note'.

 i-Kad Renewals are done on yearly basis;

  • Attendance not less than 80%
  • Pass in all modules (subjects)  – If poor or fail (any subject) Dean’s supporting letter is required.

Immigration Department reserves the right to extend or deny any i-Kad renewals. Failure to renew will lead the student pass revocation by Immigration Dept sent home. 


 How to renew your Student Pass?

Submit the following documents to the Visa Office. 

  • 2 copies of all pages of current passport (passport validity period should be at least 18 months of the date of receiving new student pass endorsement. If you have recently renewed your passport, please attach 2 copies of your old passport also). Preferably scan copies.
  • Any passport validity less than 18 months (1½ years) MUST be renewed at your nearest Embassy/ Consulate/ High Commission before being submit to Visa Office for student pass renewal process.
  • For UG/ PGT students, we will obtain your academic transcript from Student Registry.
  • For MRes/ MPhil/ PhD students, we shall request your Postgraduate School to provide Progress Report, attendance. It has to be signed by Dean/ Head of School/ Supervisor before we can submit your renewal application.
  • Any student fail to submit their passport to Visa Office less than 14 working days before the current student pass expire will have to pay additional cost of RM153 for special pass as imposed by EMGS/ Immigration Department.
  • Passport blank pages MUST be more that 8 pages in order to receive student pass endorsement, this is in line with Immigration Dept guidelines.
Students who are applying from campus are encouraged to submit hard copies of the above documents. Students who are applying for renewal from abroad are allowed to submit soft copies of their documents. Students will be notified to submit their passport to the Visa Office once EMGS supported their student pass renewal application. Visa Office shall hand over the passport to EMGS for student pass (visa sticker) endorsement. Students are NOT allowed to make any travel plans while passport is at EMGS/ Immigration Department.
The average processing period for student pass renewal is around 14-21 working days, at times this can be delayed. You are NOT allowed to make any travel plan arrangment while passport is being process at Immigration Department.
Cost of visa renewal

The student pass renewal fee of RM1,250 is payable after your student pass (visa sticker) has been renewed and you may make payment through MyNottingham portal. Print receipt of payment and present during passport collection to Visa Office.
Students DO NOT qualify for Student Pass renewal
  • Any student who are NOT progressing to the following year (taking a Gap Year/ deferring studies) will NOT be entitled for student pass renewal. Please visit Visa Office for further consultation.
  • Any student who change to another course (switch another programme) which is not the same as per earlier issued VAL, will have to re-apply for new VAL (refer to Visa Office immediately for consultation). Failure to adhere this directive may lead the student to be sent home by Immigration for non-renewal entitlement.
  • For enquiries and assistance in such matters, please contact the New Visa Team at +60 3 8725 3707 / 3709 / +6 8924 8078 or +60 3 8725 3715 (Hotline)
  • Student received 3 years student pass cannot change course while in the country. They are required to shorten/cancel student pass and return home. Re-apply a new VAL from home country or country of residence by making visa processing fee thru MyNottingham portal. 
  • Change of course from one to another can only be initiated during first year of studies and NOT during year two or three as per ministries guidelines.
  • Students transfer to UNUK or UNNC MUST shorten/cancel their student pass before returning home otherwise, Immigration Dept may blacklist their passport for NOT following the guidelines.
  • For student pass cancellation, students are to submit below docs:
    1. Original passport.
    2. Flight ticket to home country/ country of residence (ensure provide a copy of parents work permit/ passport front page/ valid Resident Pass as a proof. Flight ticket MUST be a month from the the date of submission to Visa Office as per Immigration Dept guidelines.
    3. Payment of cancellation RM53 to be paid direclty to EMGS and provide proof.
Enquiries & Assistance

  • For enquiries and assistance in renewing your Student Pass, please contact the Visa Renewal team at +60 3 8725 3706/ 3705/ 3707 or +60 3 8725 3715 (Hotline).
  • Remember, you are responsible for your own passport and Visa Office will not held responsible if you have overstayed and passport in your hand. The process of clearing an overstay is tedious and can take up to 3 months. Overstaying is a serious offence in Malaysia.

Loss of passport   

If you have lost your passport, please do the following:

  • Report the incident to the Security Office at UNM (+603 8924 8065) for immediate advice.
  • Notify Visa Office or email to
  • Get a Confirmation letter from Student Registry.
  • Lodge a police report within 24 hours of the incident at the nearest police station.
  • Submit original copy of the police report and confirmation letter to your home country's embassy/hihh comm for issuance of a new passport/ travel document.
  • Ensure you keep a copy and pass it to Visa Office when being asked.
  • Once received new passport, immediately hand in new passport to Visa Office for next steps for transferring your 'old' Student Pass into new passport. Please submit a copy of Police report to Visa Office for record purpose.
  • There will be additional cost involved (applying a Special Pass) and this will be borne by student. The visa officer will advice you.

After renewing your passport

If you have renewed your passport, please do the following:

  • Bring both old and new passport to the Visa Office immediately once your new passport has been issued by your embassy/ High Comm.
  • Transfer of the visa sticker to the new passport as the old passport is no longer valid.
  • A small amount of fee will be imposed for this process and our visa officer would advise you to make the payment directly to EMGS and provide proof.
  • Do ensure your 'Old passport' is 'VOID' by your mission otherwise, it will not be accepted by Malaysian Immigration Dept.

Please make sure to have the visa sticker transferred to your new passport to ensure a smooth process. Failing this process may hamper your travelling plan.


UNM's Visa Office can assist you with your visa renewal at any time in the year as long as it complies to Immigration Department's rules and regulations. 


Operational hours: Moday-Friday 9.30am to 5pm accept weekend and public holidays.

Visit the Visa Office in the Student Services Centre, Block H     

+60 3 8725 3706/ 3705/ 3707 or +60 3 8725 3715 (Hotline)    






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