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Nottingham University Business School Malaysia (NUBS Malaysia) at the Malaysia Campus is an integral part of Nottingham University Business School established in the UK.The school aims to enhance business and management knowledge and practice in a responsible and sustainable way using our global presence. NUBS was established on the Malaysia Campus in 2000, and our presence here provides students with unique insights into Asian business growth and development.


The school recognises that the continued intellectual development of our staff is the foundation of excellence in teaching and for the creation of leaders who are able to compete with knowledge, creativity and integrity in a globally competitive environment.

Postgraduate research and teaching in business at the Malaysia Campus is organised within the following academic divisions:
  • Accounting, Finance and Law
  • Business Economics and Quantitative Methods
  • Leadership, Management and Marketing

Research clusters

Our research clusters at the Nottingham University Business School Malaysia Campus were established to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to explore emerging research issues and areas, as well as to work effectively with industry counterparts and other research organisations. Besides enhancing research networking and collaboration, the clusters better integrate and highlight niche areas and strengths of expertise within the school.

There are presently five research clusters within NUBS at the Malaysia Campus:
  • Accountability and Governance
  • Consumer Marketing and Behavioural Science
  • Innovation Policy and Management
  • Studies in Innovation and Productivity
  • Tourism

Research centres

Research centres at the School bring together academicians across a range of disciplines who share an interest in understanding, analysing and developing perspectives and thought leadership in contemporary business issues.
  • The Centre for Islamic Business and Finance Research (CIBFR), established in 2014, aims to facilitate multidisciplinary research focusing on areas related to Islamic finance, Halal business and Islamic business.

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Executive Education programmes

Nottingham University Business School Malaysia’s Executive Education arm aims to work with organisations to motivate, retain and develop their human capital in a changing economic environment. Through these working relationships, the School aspires to be industry-relevant with a sound understanding of the industry requirements of graduates today.

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Why Choose to do Postgraduate Business Programme at NUBS? 

NUBS is dedicated to providing the best for all our students: 

  • Research excellence - Nottingham University Business School is renowned for its commitment to research excellence. Our faculty is globally recognised for contributions in various fields of business and we are here to guide and mentor our students in their research journey. 

  • Interdisciplinary approach - We encourage students to explore the intersection of business with other fields, and disciplines, such as economics, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. We understand that a broad perspective helps to address complex real-world challenges. 

  • Global reach - The Nottingham University Business School Malaysia is located in Malaysia, a thriving economic hub in Southeast Asia. You will have the opportunity to conduct research that transcends borders and make a meaningful impact on international business communities. 



What does ‘postgraduate by research’ mean? 

‘Postgraduate by research’ refers to programmes where students mainly engage in research activities and projects that lead to their thesis or dissertation, in order to obtain their postgraduate degree. 

What types of postgraduate business programmes are available at UNM? 

UNM offers a Business and Management MPhil/PhD. This programme is available both full-time and part-time. 

What is postgraduate research in business? 

Postgraduate research in business refers to advanced academic programmes that allow students to participate in in-depth research on business-related topics that will contribute to new insights and knowledge to the field. 

What are the benefits of pursuing postgraduate research in business? 

Benefits of undertaking a postgraduate research in business include the opportunity to become an expert in a specialised area, enhance their critical thinking skills, and open doors to careers in academia, consulting and leadership.

How do I choose a postgraduate business programme that is right for me?

The choice will depend on your career aspirations. For instance, a Business and Management MPhil or PhD is suitable for those who are interested in academia, management consultants and finance analysts. 

Are there scholarships or funding available for postgraduate research in the Nottingham University Business School Malaysia? 

Yes, UNM offers scholarships and funding opportunities to support students who are enrolled in our postgraduate business programmes. 

Explore our courses further to learn more about the admission requirements, research overviews and course content. Our postgraduate research in business programmes provides the knowledge, support, and global perspective you will need to excel. 

Join us in advancing business frontiers and making a lasting impact on the business world. 


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