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What is an undergraduate degree?

Undergraduate degrees are your first degree which gives you a thorough grounding in your chosen area of study. They usually take three to four years full time, or longer, if part time. 

Foundation courses give you another option to study for an undergraduate degree. 

Undergraduate degrees normally lead onto studying for a postgraduate degree.

Undergraduate degree course pages

Education should be a transformative experience, and students should be empowered to pursue their dreams. Hence, our undergraduate degree courses are carefully designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and practical experiences, and skills to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want to pursue or are still exploring your options, this page will help guide you towards the undergraduate degree course that aligns with your interests, passions and career aspirations. 

Each undergraduate degree course page listed below provides detailed information about the programme, including a course overview, curriculum, admission requirements and career prospects.



Arts and Social Sciences

The Arts and Social Sciences are academic disciplines that encompass a wide range of subjects focused on various aspects of human society, culture, behaviour, and expression. 



Engineering is a discipline that involves the application of mathematical and scientific principles to design, build, and maintain structures, systems, machines and processes that work to solve practical problems and meet societal needs. Engineers innovate, create and improve technologies that shape our world. There are various branches in the field of engineering, such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering. 



The Sciences encompass a wide range of academic disciplines that study natural phenomena, the physical world, and principles that govern the universe. Some common disciples in the Sciences include biology, chemistry, computer science, and psychology.


We understand that choosing an undergraduate degree course is a significant decision as it can shape your future. We are therefore committed to providing you with the necessary information and support to make an informed choice. 

Whether you’ve just completed your secondary or high school diploma, are a transfer student or an adult learner, our undergraduate courses offer a platform for intellectual development and personal growth. 

 Take your first step towards a brighter future with UNM’s undergraduate degree courses today. 


Is a diploma an undergraduate degree? 

No, a diploma is not the same as an undergraduate degree. A diploma is usually a programme that focuses on specific vocational or technical skills and does not carry the same academic recognition and breadth of study as an undergraduate degree.

Is a bachelor's degree the same as an undergraduate degree?

A bachelor’s degree is an example of an undergraduate degree. It is a common degree awarded by universities upon successfully completing a full undergraduate course. 

How long does it typically take to complete an undergraduate degree? 

The duration of an undergraduate degree varies depending on factors such as the university you’re enrolled in, whether you’re doing the course part-time or full-time, and the specific course you’re studying. A full-time undergraduate degree generally takes around three to four years to complete. 

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